Strategy for Good

Lucidity Values Enriching the Community

What We Do

This program has been a core part of Lucidity since its inception and has a mission to support projects and organizations that enrich the community as a whole and are in alignment with Lucidity values.

This is done by:

  • Allocating funds and resources to our non-profit partners and providing them with platforms to broadcast their activities and needs
  • Co-organizing clean up efforts in sensitive natural areas
  • Collectively engaging in volunteer work for relief benefits and permaculture projects
  • Engaging in and funding collective and community-centered art projects

Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.


Collaboration Partners

Over the years we’ve have the opportunity to showcase and collaborate with the following non-profit and community partners:  

Save the Mermaids
Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration
Natural Leaders Foundation
Youth Interactive
9 Energies
Art from Scrap
I AM Life
IV Food Coop
Sunburst Sanctuary

Community Engagement Highlights

Lizard’s Mouth Annual Clean up

For our third year in a row now, we will join SB Rock club and the US Forest Service in a clean up at one Santa Barbara’s seminal and slightly off grid gathering areas to clean up debris and cover graffiti. We contribute many working hands as well as snacks from our ever supportive partner the IV Food Coop! Some our local DJ’s donate their time to make the day special and attract more helpers!

Polish Ambassador Permaculture Action Day

In collaboration with the Polish Ambassador’s Pushing Up the Pavement Permaculture tour, we hosted an Action Day at a local farm owned by the Alpha Center of Santa Barbara. We provided the labor, energy, and good vibes to support in realizing the larger site design of their property.

Healing Sanctuary in Isla Vista

In the wake of the terrible tragedy of May 23, 2014 which resulted in the shooting of 6 people and left a college town in shock and grief, Lucidity and I AM Healing came together for a day-long Healing Space in Anisq’Oyo park. In addition to creating a compassionate and safe communal container for grieving and support, yoga, massages and sound healing was offered.

Volunteer Support at the Sunburst Community Garden

Since October 2017, Lucidity member and I AM Family Garden founder Amy Krohn has been taking youth volunteers to help at the community’s garden and learn about permaculture practices. They get to complete their required community hours while learning and being involved with Lucidity community and values!