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What is Mythos

We are each a puzzle. Fragments of our being float through time and space, disconnected and sometimes misunderstood, resting on the gametable of our waking lives & dreamtimes, waiting to be linked up to other pieces, so that a sense of completeness might arise. Once these fragments snap together, and we begin to know ourselves, we recognize that even the full picture of our who we are is but a snapshot moment in an epic tale told over generations. And with this realization, we now know that our choices, our actions, our accomplishments and follies, will ripple out into the future in both known and unknown ways.

The plot twists, dramatics, and joyful celebrations that become markers in our personal and collective histories are indeed macrocosmic expressions of archetypal dynamics that occur in our innerspaces. And so… if you want to transform the world, it’s important for you to transform yourself, and where better a place to begin than in your dreams.

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Dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams

Joseph Campbell

In 2015, we created the animation, “Luci”, which tells the story that Lucidity has been weaving since we were birthed through the lightning and hail storm of April 2012. This animation installment brought us from our birth and beginning to and through our fourth chapter, Kindred Quest.

Read about this beautiful work of creativity again and be reminded of what’s important.

In this Now, we are stepping into the fifth chapter of our story, Crossroads, and as such we will be creating another short piece of original animation to bring the essence of the story to life. We are blessed to be able to work again with Ex-Disney animator Dave Zaboski as the project’s art director and the multi-talented Maya Zuckerman, our meta-narrative maestra and project manager.

The animation is an inroad, a portal, a vortex, swirling you into a world of something.

If this world intrigues you, we invite you to explore the Mythos Oracle Deck. The deck is a compilation of some of our favorite artist works, representing integral components of the Lucidity Universe. It interweaves symbolic art with mythic metaphor, spiritual archetypes, and dream concepts, opening a portal to internal reflection and timeless wisdom. Our first edition sold out quick and we are now offering Version 1.2, including a scan-able link to card interpretations.

The following artist contributed their talent to the Mythos Oracle Deck:

  • Android Jones
  • Amanda Sage
  • Mark Henson
  • Mark Goerner
  • Krystleyez
  • Morgan Mandala
  • Vajra
  • Justin Buuz
  • Joshua Levin
  • Chris Dyer
  • Cameron Gray
  • Jill Littlewood
  • Michael Divine
  • Brian Polett
  • Dave Zaboski
  • Myztico Campo
  • Nate Siggard & Nina Topinko
  • Filip Aura Mensl
  • Radhika Hersey
  • Shaun Robinson
  • Dela
  • Viandara

5 Cards from the Lucidity Mythos Oracle Deck

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