Lucidity Festival

Awaken the New Story

Not Just a Festival. A Transformational Odyssey.

Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival. We call it open-source because we co-create this festival experience with YOU! We invite you to come play with us, call together your star family, bring art, lead a workshop, spark a spontaneous flash mob, embody a character from your dreams, be silly and wild and free! We bring together a world class lineup of musical talent and weave them together with the sounds and vibrations of our beloved local legends. Our galleries showcase the most brilliant fine art the region has to offer, enriching the festival as a visual voyage. Art installations pleasure participants with multi-sensory stimulation while themed environments create intimate settings for personal connections. Lucidity’s environmental commitment is to leave Live Oak better than before.

Myths are public dreams, and dreams are private myths.

Joseph Campbell

Why We Do It

When we become lucid in our dreams, we realize ourselves as infinite potential, we let go of fear, and we are free to create that which we want to see in the world. Bring those visions, those possibilities, and that delicious conscious energy with you to Lucidity and wake up in the dream.

The festival experience that Lucidity creates is more than just a celebratory gathering. Each year is a chapter of a larger metanarrative, weaving a story of personal, collective, and global transformation. This deeper mythos is based of of work in the fields of developmental psychology and comparative mythology. The archetypal energies present at Lucidity and within the Lucidity storyline create a rich context within which participants are invited to embark on their own Hero or Heroine’s Journey. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s famous quote: “Myths are public dreams, and dreams are private myths” we’ve imagined Lucidity Festival as a large scale social experiment in emergent lived mythology.

Rising Dawn Thanks you for your participation.

Stay tuned. Applications for 2019 participation open in November.

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