Lucid University

Awake & Aware Education within Intimate Village Settings

What We Do

The Lucid University creates powerful containers for immersive transformational education in village settings. We explore subjects and topics that allow students to look deeper within themselves, to remember their innate gifts, and to learn how best to share them with a wider community. Our courses fall within six curriculum tracks: Bodyworks, Creativeworks, Innovationworks, Ecologyworks, Communityworks, and Spiritworks.

CourseWeek is open for enrollment!

Lucid University was one of the most uplifting experiences in my life. It opened to me the possibility that each and every one of us has the ability to co-create a beautiful place in which we all live in abundance and respect for one another's ideas.

Hector Maldonado, LU Courseweek Student, Reiki 1 & 2

Why We Do It

Education, as an institution, is becoming increasingly disconnected from the needs of real people in the modern age. Public schools and state funded Universities are more in the business of creating functional citizens (read consumers) then they’re interested in giving people the tools to be good humans leading fulfilled lives. Lucid University addresses this pattern by offering educational experiences that are first and foremost about our students’ passions, dreams, and inner gifts. We honor and recognize that everyone is on a different path and we seek to help students see the direction in which their highest self wishes to walk. Whether onsite before Lucidity Festival, at Trillium in Southern Oregon, or at one of our partner campuses, our classes are always immersed in a village setting, providing a deep sense of being held by community. We’ve found that this cohesion and group belonging is vital for students to feel the safety necessary to do the deep inner and outer work that our courses inspire.

Lucid University Courseweek @ Lucidity Festival

To date, Lucid University Courseweek has produced 12 courses, each occurring in the 4 days leading up to Lucidity Festival:


Intro to Permaculture Design


Intro to Permaculture Design
Lucid Dreaming & Lucid Living
Reiki Healing 1 & 2
Embodiment & Leadership
Unlocking your Creative Keys


Ayurvedic Herbalism
Dream Council
Ecstatic Flow: Movement & Power
Creating your Personal Mythology
Regenerative Community Building
Designing & Building with Bamboo

Lucid University @ Collaborative Land Projects


Heartland is our first of many collaborative campuses, where Lucid University courses will be hosted. Specifically, we envision Heartland to be a place for CreativeWorks and InnovationWorks curriculum tracks.

Heartland is a space engineered to inspire the song of your heart. Heartland is an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside community, haven, venue and sustainable business incubator located near Nevada City, California. Heartland is not just a place, she is a feeling of compassion, joy, and creation. Heartland Collective is a growing community manifesting amazing lifestyles. As we live and co-create from here we launch ourselves into more magnetic high vibratory fields to grow businesses that make our world a better place.