Collaborative Events

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What We Do

Lucidity Collaborative Events provides custom bamboo shade structure solutions for events, businesses, homes and gardens. Our gorgeous guadua bamboo and colorful sail fabrics transform the venue experience into exciting dream-lands of color and organic texture.

We offer permanent and semi-permanent structural solutions and create shaded environments for locations large and small like patios, parks, schools, restaurants, wineries and homes. Often implemented as stage design and audience shade, there is no limit to their potential.

For large scale events like festivals, conventions, and concerts, our beautiful bamboo shade structures serve as a sure way to alleviate the heat for attendees. Many groups and businesses requiring larger shaded areas to gather will appreciate these fresh, open-air shade structures.

We’re excited to hear about your shade needs and look forward to collaborating with you!

To learn more about the full extent of our offerings visit the Collaborative Events Website.

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LoaTree has worked with Lucidity on projects like Santa Barbara Earth Day, SOL Food Festival, Carpinteria Bluffs Celebration and many other projects over the years. The artistry and creativity they bring to events creates truly special experiences for festival goers. Their creativity is matched by the highly functional spaces they create offering shade, beautiful stages for speakers and musicians or infrastructure for large public art projects. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with the Lucidity family.

David Fortson, CEO, LoaTree

Why We Do It

We love co-producing events which aim to bring community together and create platforms for collaboration, connection and learning. We bring a special blend of Lucidity magic to each event we are invited to contribute to, allowing for your participants to be more engaged and enrolled in the event’s purpose.

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