Lucidity Core Values

Communal Reciprocity

This value is all about the flow of energy. In all our many relationships we seek to create Equal Energetic Exchanges that value the variety of gifts, skills, and resources brought to the collective table. We are inspired by models of ‘sacred commerce’ that recognizes money (currency) as energy, and acknowledges the many forms of energy that flows between relationships. We endeavor to ensure that the people we work with feel nourished in the ways that are important to them in exchange for their gifts, service, and life force energy.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Given the current global context of environmental destruction, resource depletion, and cultural manipulation it is vitally important to instill a sense of environmental and social responsibility among the Guardians of today and tomorrow. This means taking a strong look at our personal practices and the ‘Ways We Be’ with our fellow human, our food, our waste, our water, our soil, and our global community of non-human species. Transforming beyond sustainability toward a regenerative way of life is the goal, and while we acknowledge that we aren’t fully embodying this as a community at this time, we commit to continued learning and movement in the right direction.


We believe that transparency is important in many realms. To us, transparency is about light being able to shine through, and it has applicability at the level of business transactions, meeting activities, relations, finances, and all other processes we engage in. We trust that in instances where the concepts of confidentiality or discernment would have us not be transparent about something, that in those cases we would at least be transparent about why we are unable to be transparent. Openness, Willingness, and Trust are vital conditions for Transparency to work in healthy ways.

Awake & Aware Consciousness

The essence of Lucidity is awake and aware consciousness. To be awake and aware is to rest in the observer position of witnessing the world. Free from judgement, reaction, attachment, or expectation, true awake and aware consciousness simply sees the world for what it is. Aligned and appropriate action emerges best from this foundation. We seek to bring awake and aware consciousness into all states of consciousness, during waking, dreaming, and even into the deep dreamless state of sleep. Awake in your Dreams is how it all began.

Personal Growth & Global Healing

We believe a healed planet will be composed of healed communities, and we believe that healed communities will be composed of healed individuals. We are committed to supporting the healing process for the individual, for the collective, and for the entire globe. It all starts with a willingness to look within, the rest will unfold in beautiful, challenging, and magical ways.

Participation & Immersion in the Artistic Process

We love art in all its many mediums and forms. We believe artistic expression to be one of the most pure and beautiful ways of communicating the human spirit. This value is not just about appreciating art, it’s about involving all in the process of dreaming, creating, and interacting with art. What artistic expression is being incubated within you right now?

Family Fun & Creative Play

Family is vital. We honor our ancestors, our elders, our children, and our children’s children for generations to come. We believe it’s important to create a space that welcomes all generations into the embrace of a loving, playful, creative community. Family is also as much about our honoring our blood family as it is about celebrating the familial bonds with the Lucid Family we choose. By valuing ‘creative play’ we encourage all to remember and connect with the precious joys of childlike adventure and imagination.