Our Lucid Narrative

Lucidity Festivals invites you on an epic saga of personal, collective, and global transformation. Begun in 2012 with Lucidity’s first incarnation, we have explored two full trilogies and are embarking on a third, with each festival year a chapter of a larger mythic journey. Join us on this life-changing cycle and ride the cresting waves of the beautiful metaphor we call life.


Year 1: Awake in Your Dreams

We, the Dreamers of the New Dawn, have stirred in our slumber. As the eye of consciousness opened, we recognized the dream as a dream while we were still within the dream! The experience of lucidity unfolds into the understanding that each of us has infinite potential, that we are able to let go of fear and are free to create that which we want to see in the world. This sunrise of awareness marks an ever-present-now moment of self-discovery—the birth of something beautiful. This inception is a time to explore the many archetypes that exist within each of us—healers, warriors, renegades, lovers, tricksters—and as part of a grand human family. The Hero and Heroine within are called to adventure. When you find yourself Awake in Your Dreams, you are suddenly able to see yourself sitting on the shores of eternity, looking out over the unfathomable vast expanse, knowing in the depths of your being that the answers to the mysteries of the universe are out there, within your reach. Truth does exist, and it is for waiting for you. We invite you to wade further into the waters of this epic journey of personal and collective transformation, which will continue to flower and flourish for eons untold.

Totems Return Poster

Year 2: The Totems’ Return

Eyes, heart, and spirit are wide open as we begin to examine the world anew. We are lucid and loving it! We recognize that all that can be seen, smelled, touched, tasted, and heard upon this great ocean of infinity is a beautiful reflection of that which exists within us. In this next chapter, you embark on a deep and joyful dive into the heart of who and what you are. The animal totem spirits of our world are here to guide you. We call forth The Totems’ Return, ushered in by wise Owl, humble Tiger, courageous Dragon, wild Monkey, loving Dove, and playful Coyote. This next chapter is simultaneously an invitation to reconnect with the animal within and an opportunity to learn from each totem’s strengths and weaknesses. This exploration brings a greater sense of self-confidence and clarity of purpose. This stage of the journey is imbued with magic and mystery, deep connection and fellowship, playfulness and lucid happiness. Embrace the animal energies, incorporate them into your very nature. Love them; become them.

Universe Poster

Year 3: Universe

As we fully integrate each human archetype and each animal spirit, an epiphany is revealed to us. We are all of them already. We are connected to, enlivened by, and an embodiment of each and every energy in the Universe! As above so below. As within, so without. With this profound realization, you, lucid dreamer, are now initiated into the ranks of astral rangers and galactic light beings that traverse the etheric realms. Among the illuminated masters of the universe, your consciousness rests, at peace with the All. Free from judgment, attachment, and expectation, you are in full acceptance of all that is, all that was, and all that will be. You are happy. You are home.

Kindred Quest Poster

Year 4: Kindred Quest

It is quite understandable that you’d like to rest in the serenity and expansiveness of the Universe forever, but our work is not done. It’s time to come back down to earth and look around. You, in all your infinite and eternal-ness, are not alone. There are other beings engaging in a similar process, walking paths that interweave with yours and others, experiencing unique expressions of the All. It is time to bring forth all that you are and engage in the “We.” While your individual consciousness has tasted the sweetness of One Love, our immediate three-dimensional, carbon-based reality presents a tangible set of vital questions and challenges. How do we live in the world in right relationship with each other and the planet? How do we transform our cultures and societies to make space for a brighter future for our children’s children? For the answers to these questions, we look to our ancestors. In this Kindred Quest, we pay homage and make humble inquiry to humanity’s indigenous knowledge systems and native wisdom traditions and stand them alongside that which is gleaned from contemporary mysticism, scientific rigor and careful, prolonged observation. Ever looking, ever learning, ever loving, ever lucid, we are coming together as one community with one voice.

Crossroads Poster

Year 5: Crossroads

The second chapter of our collective journey and the fifth installment of our epic saga brings us to this turbulent moment in space and time—the Now of our socio-cultural evolution. We see our global human family entangled in a liminal, transitional zone between what was and what will be. Crossroads is the place between worlds. It is a limbo zone where many of us are confronted by Shadow and a great fear of the unknown. This dark night of the collective soul represents our final push through the oppressive powers of mind control and socioeconomic domination. Having traversed three years of personal discovery, exploration, and realization, and having time-traveled into our past to learn from our tribal elders, we are now standing upon the mountaintop, hand in hand, looking out upon our beloved Mother Earth. Without denial or judgment, we acknowledge the bursting cities and poisoned seas, the weeping jungle and waning ice worlds. As the Dreamers of the New Dawn, only moments are spent on grief, as we are here to envision solutions. We resolve to cast light upon the darkness, to dig our hands in the dirt, to sing songs of a peaceful future, and actively sweep away that which no longer serves us.

Year 6: Eudaimonia

We understand that every great cycle must come to its eventual conclusion. Luckily, the final chapter of this tale has a bright and exuberant ending! Eudaimonia means “having a good indwelling spirit,” and as it signals a communal happiness rooted in the virtues of interconnected awakened individuals, it is the culmination of all we’ve been striving for. Our expanded family is overflowing with optimistic yet grounded utopian joy that has risen through many long years of searching, contemplating, delving, climbing, and centering. As we enter this golden age of human flourishing, we give massive gratitude for the guides who have shown us the path, for our children who reminded us to laugh and play, for our brothers and sisters who walk beside us, for our ancestors who teach us the way, and for our higher selves who shine light through our being! Nothing dies, nothing is created. Energy simply changes frequency and form. Together as one tribe, one nation, one family, one community, one humanity, one universe, one consciousness, we shift to the light and live in love forever. And for those who remain in slumber, the cycle returns to where it began, as all signs and omens nudge you to Awake in Your Dreams.

Chapter 7: Rising Dawn

Awaken the New Story.

As one great cycle comes to a close, a new beginning is birthed. In the fateful moment just before the Ouroboros cosmic serpent chomps down on his own tail, there is a liminal moment, a long and silent pause, an opportunity to spiral into a higher lucid octave of consciousness, rather than mindlessly repeating old stories and patterns. We stand on such a precipice, and looking out upon the horizon, with gratitude for the integration of the learnings from a long and challenging quest fulfilled, we see a familiar sunrise. A new day is upon us. A new story is welling in our hearts. It’s as though we’ve been here before, but that’s impossible. We are awakening, not just to our infinite potential as individual beings, not just to our collective power when we reinhabit the village, but to our vast possitentialities as a species, interconnected with all of life. The rising sun illuminates where we’ve been and shines light on the path before us. We see this next rite of passage as a new quest toward a unified humanity, and we joyfully say YES, and Thank You!