Conscious San Jose Festival

Conscious San Jose Festival: Yoga – Culture – Compassion

Conscious San Jose Festival put together a lineup of over 25 classes and workshops on yoga, sound healing, movement, meditation, self-care, sustainable agriculture and more. Get ready for a full day of commUnity healing and connection plus music, art and resources for those in need. Visit our website for more info on who’s teaching, our partners and the full schedule:


This is an open event and entry to the festival is free.
Get unlimited access to all classes and workshops for $30.
Free yoga class at 5 PM. Free music and activities all day.
Youth receive free access to all classes and workshops.



10 AM | Vinyasa Beats – Bhakti and Bangers – Alexandra Sempel for Breathe Together Yoga

11:30 AM | Transformative Vinyasa – Sima Chomicz Velez and SINOOX for Be The Change Yoga & Wellness

1:30 PM | Breathe and Flow Yoga – Bre & Flo

3:15 PM | Kundalini Yoga en Español – Enrique Sat Prakash Singh


10 AM | All Levels Alignment/Flow – Kent Bond for Willow Glen Yoga

11:30 AM | Align Your Body. Align Your Life. – Daniella Ambika Cotreau for Body Temple Yoga School

1:30 PM | Kundalini Yoga to Become Crystal Clear – Charanpal

3:15 PM | Groovy Yin – Alejandro Rivas for Downtown Yoga Shala


10 AM | Drums, Didgeridoo, Flutes & Crystal Singing Bowls – Enrique Sat Prakash Singh and Lindsey Kraten

11:30 AM | Soulful Chanting and Kirtan – Emily Perry

1:30 PM | Gong Sound Sanctuary – Loriel Starr

3:15 PM | Group Sound Healing Meditation – Jessica Neideffer for Agada Energy Healing


10 AM | Science of Laughter – Indy Rishi

11:30 AM | Radical Self-Care – Nicole Steward

1:30 PM | Active Meditation 101 – Jonathan Duncan

3:15 PM | Mind Hacking with Deep Yoga & Sanskrit Psycho-linguistics – Yogarishi Srīnivās


10 AM | How to Reverse Climate Change – 2020 or Bust

11:30 AM | Winter Garden Tips – Valle Verde

1:30 PM | Local Farm to Table Supply Chain – Spade & Plow

3:15 PM | Healing Communities Through 7 Ecological Principles
– The Urban Eco Village of San Jose


10 AM | Mini Yoga Club (Ages 3-7)

11:30 AM | Spirit of Youth Yoga (Ages 8-12)

1:30 PM | Woke Teens (Ages 13-19)

3:15 PM | Mindfulness for Youth


9:30 AM | Ohlone – Kanyon


10 AM | Family AcroYoga – Sarah Elena, Scott Adam, Jill Chiu

11:30 AM | Qigong: Awakening the Healer Within – Nick Loffree

1:30 PM | Capoeira – Malcolm Halcrombe

3:15 PM | House Dance – The Get Down


12:30 PM | Urban Native Era – Calina Lawrence & Raye Zaragoza

1:00 PM | LemoLive

2:45 PM | DANCE PERFORMANCE – The Get Down

4:30 PM | Alan Frenz


5:00 PM | The Energy of Your Yoga – Mark Quijano and AJ Orbit


6:00 PM | Sweet HayaH

6:45 PM | KR3TURE

7:30 PM | saQi

All Music Is Free to the Public!

SPONSORS: Knight Foundation, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of San Jose, Buddy’s, Good Karma, Urban Native Era, Lucidity Collaborative Events

STUDIOS: Be The Change Collective, Live Lotus, Breathe Together Yoga, Body Temple Yoga School, Willow Glen Yoga, Downtown Yoga Shala

As their biggest event of the year, Conscious San Jose Festival celebrates a culture of wellness in San Jose. Wellness doesn’t just mean a healthy body, it also means a clear mind and a nourished spirit, experienced individually and as a community.

Conscious San Jose Festival intentionally blends yoga, sound healing, meditation and movement practices with arts, music, and community service. A healthy connection with your body and mind nourishes creativity, expression, and a sense of community identity. In the spirit of inclusion the festival is hosted at St. James Park with no fences. You are invited to connect with yourself and each other through the lens of compassion. Conscious San Jose Festival is more than yoga, it’s a celebration of wellness culture that is unique to San Jose.

Admission: Free

Event Producer:

Conscious San Jose

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