The Company

Lucidity Festival LLC is a collectively owned organization dedicated to creating transformational experiences for individuals and communities; we are a production company, a creative lifestyle for expanding consciousness, and an interconnected community of friends and family. Our decisions are made through a heterarchical model of consensus as opposed to other top-down hierarchical approaches. Everything we do revolves around the mission of advancing the our Core Values in the world.

Lucidity Festival, LLC is rapidly growing and restructuring to accommodate larger and more diverse projects, to include but not limited to: the development of an alternative education platform, publishing, event services, producing retreat-style and highly focused intentional events, festival start-up and consultation, lucid marketing and conscious media production, to name a few… also to include the growth of:

We’ve grown tremendously over the years, as individuals and as a thriving community. We look to the horizon and see that the future is brighter still. We are excited to behold the magic and mystery that lies ahead, and to share that with you, lucid dreamer.

Thanks for reading. We love you.