More than a Festival.

Lucidity Festival came to life in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. That first year, we withstood the challenge as Nature tested us with her forces of rain, thunder and lightening.

That was Six years ago. What started as a small intimate festival has flourished into a vibrant community of conscientious individuals who wish to engage and transform the world in wildly positive ways.

Lucidity Festivals, LLC comprises several spheres for healing, learning, transformation, collaboration and adornment that are continuous year round.

Transforming Communities in a Positive Direction

  • 2019 Student Art Grants

    Lucidity brings together an array of Santa Barbara arts organizations interested in enriching the local arts scene with youthful energy and fresh perspectives. To this end, this ecosystem of arts organizations are offering a Student Art Grant Competition in 2019. Cash awards, exhibition opportunities, and mentorship are being offered to selected winners in three categories: Interactive Art Installations, Performance Art, and 2-D Gallery Art. Submit a declaration of intent by November 1st, 2018.

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  • Core Values

    Lucidity strives to embrace 7 Core Principles. These principle permeate every aspect of our company and community interactions. We feel our core principles, when applied, empower, inspire and affect positive change in our world.

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  • Got Bamboo? Get the Best.

    Want to use bamboo on your next project? We’ve got you! Check out our prices on Guadua Angustifolia, from Sustainably harvested forests in Colombia, direct from Lucidity’s partnership with producer The Best Bamboo.

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It’s Time to Awaken the New Story

Thank you for another amazing year. We experienced a big transition this year as we moved from Villages to Elemental Realms and dove deeper into the narrative elements of Lucidity than ever before. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Dawn and the cast of Elemental Avatars that she rolls with. We have much more of this story to discover and we look forward to revealing more of River’s story at Lucidity 2019: Moon’s Eye View.